UReach is a community outreach Ministry based out of the Loma Linda University Church. Here at UReach, we aim to build community. This is accomplished through creating ministry opportunities that extend your reach into your community. Whether that be through delivering meals-on-wheels or transportation to seniors, connecting a student to a tutor/mentor, assisting the homeless through the Re:Live Thrift Store, or helping provide Thanksgiving Baskets to those in need, we hope to facilitate tangible faith in your life.

To get involved, please Click Here To Volunteer or Click Here To Donate.

The Burrito Project is a social enterprise of UReach that MAKES burritos to raise money, create jobs, and grow community. All proceeds go to Support UReach programs, including providing burritos to students in our excell Mentoring & Tutoring program.

Burritos are homemade with Rice, Beans & Cheese and come with homemade salsa! Vegan option available.  Questions? Email us!


*Please allow at least 24 hours for orders.

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10:00 am the prior business day.

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Please allow at least 24 hours. Orders for the following day should be submitted by 10:00 AM the Prior Business Day. *Delivery orders require a 10 burrito minimum.
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